Unveiling CogniPlay’s Innovative Software Solution for Sweepstakes

CogniPlay proudly announces the launch of its new software product, aimed at delivering a flexible and rapidly deployable online sweepstakes or social gaming platform. The system is meticulously structured with modularity, empowering clients to tailor their brand and offerings to maximise performance.

Observing the rising popularity of sweepstake casinos in the US, along with identifying a market gap for a standout platform solution, prompted us to develop and offer clients an extensive white-label solution, methodically managing every detail.

With a comprehensive suite of features and integrations, CogniPlay’s new software product aims to provide an efficient route to market for aspiring or established sweepstake casino owners. At the core, is a system featuring several key integrations designed to enhance client experience and streamline operations.

Among these integrations are:

  • A diverse games portfolio.
  • Affiliate program software.
  • CRM platforms.
  • Creative and Design services.
  • KYC (Know Your Customer).
  • ID verification.
  • Geo-IP systems.
  • Gamification tools.
  • Customer support solutions.

A standout feature of CogniPlay is its extensive development pipeline, which guarantees ongoing updates and enhancements to ensure clients stay ahead of industry trends and remain competitive.

In addition to the platform itself, our experienced team at CogniPlay offers a range of managed services to complement client skillsets and experience. These services range from affiliate management to website development and running CRM campaigns. Get in touch to discover the full scope of managed services we can provide for you.

Our aim is to excel in client management, offer the most cutting-edge products while ensuring compliance, remain ahead of regulations and legislation, all while nurturing strong relationships and partnerships within the industry.